Friday, 30 January 2015

My visit to Burger and Lobster :)

Hi All.

I hope all is well.

I have been officially free of all lingering assignment deadlines and exams for five days now. I must tell you it has been an invigorating time! Lectures and  have been ongoing  interesting

I recently was treated to a lovely meal at Burger and Lobster in Farringdon. It was my first time trying lobster……which is totally surprising as I am an avid lover of sea food. The food was hearty and well prepared; the service was friendly and efficient. We ordered the combo meals: chips, side salad, and a cheese and bacon burger each with a whole lobster to share for £30 each. With this you get a choice of three delicious deserts, I chose the brownie ice cream  with cream, nuts and brownie pieces….ohhhh gosh it was scrummy J  The overly priced cocktails could burn a hole in any students pocket and could do with a miss next time, that however was the only negative of the night. I will definitely be returning.

The weather is horrible presently.  Mother Nature has yet to decide if being cold is enough, the rain and wind recently has been terrible. There have been reports that it will snow, although I do love an odd snow day, the harsh realities of traffic and adverse driving conditions have me secretly hoping that we are spared the snow this year.  I cannot wait for the summer. Now that we are roughly mid-way through the academic year; sun, sea and sand are in the far distance. I will definitely be treating my sons to an awesome holiday and a well deserved break. 

Until next time….Deuces. x 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi all.

Happy New Year, I hope all is well.

I had a lovely break. Eating, drinking, relaxing and laughing with my family was Epic! My first Christmas in my new home was also a highlight. Spending time with my children singing and dancing, watching films in our Pyjamas and bringing in the Christmas spirit was brilliant. I also cooked my first EVER Christmas dinner solo. It was a traditional dinner with chicken, turkey, spuds, veg etc. However, it had to have a good sprinkle of Jamaican spice added also: Jerk pork, jerk chicken, rice and peas, macaroni and cheese pie made for a delicious dinner.

Boxing Day saw me battle the masses at my local NEXT store sale, I was washed and dressed and waiting in line at 4am….my family think I’m crazy! lol. It’s been a Christmas ritual of mine since I was pregnant with my eldest 8 years ago. The rush, adrenaline and the bargain grabbing makes for an epic shopping trip!!!

Christmas break is over and back to work it is!

I was one of the people that was ill over the Xmas break.  Ultimately I had the flu during deadline weeks, Sad times………L

I am well and back on form and ready for my upcoming exam. January brings exams and more deadlines. I wish my fellow students Good Luck with their January studies. I know this month can be a stressful, but also a rewarding time.

I am also back to work in the university’s Enquiry Unit. It has been a busy period in the office. The UCAS deadline is around the corner: 15th January so applicants have been doing their best to supply UCAS with all relevant information to aid their applications. I’m hoping their teachers have been doing the same in respects to references. Late references have been a worry for a few applicants.

Until next time.