Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Studying hard :)

Hello everyone,

We meet again J I hope you all are well?

I spent this past Saturday working at the universities open day at the Avery Hill campus. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting potential new students, especially those interested in education. I spoke with a number of candidates about the childhood course whilst working on the education reception desk, meeting and greeting guests. I had forgotten how passionate I can be regarding studying and working within the education department. It was my first time working at an open day for the university; I will definitely do it again.

With assignments and test looming in the very near distance it is finally feeling like I am back in the swing of studying.

I recently visited Stockwell Street the universities new library in Greenwich. I must say I can’t wait to officially study there. I was in and out in five minutes as I only went in to collect a book I had reserved. It is a superb building with a huge selection of resources. It looks so warm and cosy for those long days ahead of camping in the library; assignment bound. I will keep you posted when I do finally study there.

The weather has definitely changed and winter is very, very much upon us; it’s time to break out those coats, hats, gloves and scarves.

Don’t forget to look after ourselves. Regular rest and quiet time out of our busy schedules is essential to keep away those nasty colds and flu’s viruses that I’m sure are just inching to attack our immune systems. Also don’t forget to top up on vitamin C and keep cupboards stocked up with cold and flu medicine. Being a student with a deadline and the flu is no fun! 

I bid you adieu until we meet again


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My first ever blog!

Hi Guys

My name is Sade and I am a second year student studying Childhood studies.

The academic term is in full swing, no more lay inns, it up and out and back to the routine of university and work. To be honest, those extra hours wrapped up in my fluffy, warm, quiet bed were starting to annoy me; I mean who really loves to have endless hours to do absolutely nothing!!!!!

I know I know that lie didn’t fool me either!!

It’s been hard readjusting getting back into the swing of using my brain powers for  academic study and not for ratchet TV or books that I so love doing whilst wrapped up in bed. I am however, very happy that I passed my first year of the childhood studies course. I am ecstatic that I am a year nearer to donning that black gown at graduation.

Source: DigitalGov
Assignments have been trickling in slowly. But the reading lists for my programme is extensive. I wish I had the patience and love for the huge amount of texts, journals and text books that I have for my scandalous novels. A Good tip is to actually do the reading (I know it sounds pretty straight forward, but you would be surprised) allowing you to be fully prepared for lectures and be knowledgeable for those 1st class degrees; reading is essential so I will be putting my novels on a slower back burner for a while.

Xmas is roughly six weeks away, I know why? My sons have already pinned their extensive lists to the fridge, bathroom and bedroom doors (just in case you forget mummy I was told by my youngest soldier)! A few more weeks of hard studying then we will all be able to relax for a few weeks, yayyyy!
My plan is to read and write at least a page a day for my upcoming assignments (every little helps) J
I will keep you guys.

(I will get into my aliases name another time)