About Me

Hi all.

My name is Sade, pronounced Sharday as in Tuesday! Or for those that remember Sade Adu, the beautiful soulful singer.

I am currently a second year student on the Childhood studies programme. I have always wanted to be a teacher. After many years working as a teaching assistant, nursery nurse, youth worker etc., here I am finally gaining my long awaited degree. After completing this course I hope to go on to study my PGCE Primary Education.

I am a parent!!

Yes you read right. I am a parent too two boys aged 6 and 7. I am one of many parents studying at the University of Greenwich juggling parenthood with working part time (don’t be disheartened parents; if I can do it you can do it too)! Mummy’s soldiers as I like to call them (they have both stood ready for battle through the good and bad times) are adventurous, boisterous, and bloody hilarious at times. They keep me on my toes, entertained with never a dull moment in our house. They are quirky, loving, handsome, charismatic individual characters……..SHOUT OUT to mummy’s soldiers Mataeus and Israel, mummy loves you lol.

I am currently working part time in the universities Enquiry Unit after a stint at working over the summer as a clearing assistant. My job fits in perfectly around my studies and looks great on my CV. It has given me an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the university as well as making great friend and colleagues.

I am a reader; I am a reader by nature, I can’t help myself! You can find me buried deeply in my latest scandalous, ratchet book, I know, I know but I just can’t get away from the mind numbing rubbish that’s easily loaded onto my kindle app! Oh and don’t start me off on all the ratchet television that I watch or stream lol.

I will try my best to keep you all updated on my varied, entertaining, enjoyable and sometimes hectic life as a student.

Eeeeeeekkkkk Second year: it’s ON!!!

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