Friday, 27 February 2015

Deadlines and Paintballing!

Hi all

Hope all is well.

I am currently experiencing the quiet before the storm in terms of my studying and assignments etc. I have looked through my diary and March/April will definitely be very busy. I am determined to do well in my last set of year two assignments and plan to slowly but surely work through my work load with limited stress, headache and limitations. I have spoken to a few of my colleagues, those on other courses and they too feel the same; we can see the end but there is a huge mountain before the finish line. Luckily, summer and ultimate freedom are off in the distance J

So enough of all that doom and gloom, what have I been up to?

Last week I attended a paint-balling party with my sons. Who knew it could be such a dirty sport! It didn’t help that it rained previously: can you imagine all that muddy mess. Geared up and ready to go I dropped all of my bullets L. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise I stayed relatively clean and dry watching on the side-lines. The kids in the party had a blast, the squeals of laughter and excitement reminded me of my ‘youth’ and yester years’ looool. Seeing the kids covered head to foot from rolling around in the mud in full combat gear was hilarious. The day overall for the kids and adults who participated was good, I would recommend it to those adventurous, outdoor types.

I have yet to pay my cake debt. I have however, on Tuesday added another notch to my expanding cake debt tally *shake my head*

Be good guys

If you can’t be good, be safe.

Dueces xxx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Valentines and cake!

Hey lovelies,

I hope all is well with you all.

It was Valentine’s Day this previous weekend.
I received some great gifts from my other half as well as a family centred meal at the Chinese. It however wasn’t the romantic, fancy, dressy meal that many would have loved but a stress free evening free from washing up, no complaints there!!

So this week is reading week for those within the education and health faculties. So that’s a week off, no lectures or seminars and for this I am truly grateful. Ideally I should be living it up; partying, having extra-long sleep inns! I digress; my children are off from school also this week it being half term. So as you can guess, these two mischievous munchkins have put a spanner works in my lay inns. I can add I was overjoyed to turn off my school run alarm for a whole week: 6.30am the small things count!!

I have a few things planned over the half term including paintballing with my sons. I have never been before, I have heard it is good fun but can be quite painful if hit by the paint balls *shake my head* I hope these children know what they have gotten themselves into all is fair in love and war!

In the office where I work, we have a few rules and one that is adhered to majorly!!!
If your mobile goes off in the office, accident or not you are fined with a cake fine. If the debt is left unpaid for too long then it is automatically bumped into a pizza debt!! It’s a harmless fun and my colleagues and I are always happy to hear that beep or ring tone….we know it means more cake!
So naturally my tablet went off twice in two daysL my debt has doubled and now I need to pull the stops out to silence the critiques and before I have to pay up with pizza for the entire office.

The pressure is ON…. I received this picture in my inbox…..

A subtle threat as what is to be expected from my cake debt…….lol

I will keep you posted with my efforts at overwhelming the office with my amazing cake payment.

Until then: be good, if you can’t be good be safe. X