Thursday, 28 May 2015

Trials and Tribulations of my second year

Hey guys.

I hope all is well.

I can officially say that I am assignment free and it feels sooo good!

I’ve enjoyed the trials and tribulations of my second year. I am very proud of myself, there were times that sickness, stress and life tried to get in the way; it was touch and go on two particular assignments that I thought I wouldn’t even turn anything in. But I laugh in the face of those assignments now, as they have both been researched, typed and submitted (so there, in your face) lol!!!!

I have lots of free time and now that I am fully rested I am on the prowl for new projects to occupy my time. There are a few home décor projects that I will be turning my attention to that I have been putting off since moving house last summer; wall papering my hallway, gardening and a little bit of painting in my bathroom.
I also have time to think about my future and steps towards these goals. I will be considering if I will be applying for a masters in youth and community studies or a PGCE (postgraduate teaching certificate in education) in primary education. I thought that I had it all planned out. However, working for the university in the Enquiry Unit has opened my eyes to many more possibilities regarding careers and countless routes into what I want to do (it may be a good idea to settle on a career goal Sade)! I will be using my time to focus on my future, graduation is a year away but I want to be well prepared for when I’m thrashed back into being a mere mortal again . This student bubble has to pop sometime!
Until next time

If you can’t be good, be careful ;)

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