Friday, 26 June 2015

Summer is Here!

Hey guys and girls I hope all is well.

So June is here, finally the summer months are in full attack J

I had a lovely date day with my fiancé (I love calling him that!) having a wander around central London, in particular Covent Garden, doing a little shopping, taking in the sights of the street performances and tourist attractions and having a bite to eat. One of the more memorable performances is the levitating man. A perfectly still statue figure in full costume floating in mid-air, once you put money into his hat or money collector he moves, leaving the audience in awe as to how they are able to sit or stand with no visible aids. I know my sons would love to see them so I plan to travel to Covent Garden again soon.

We enjoyed a lovely meal at MAXWELS just past Covent Garden tube station. Mr had steak and macaroni as a starter. I had the calamari as starter and the delicious chicken and ribs combo. I must say they have the biggest rack of ribs I have ever seen, my fiancé took it as a personal challenge!

To end the day we travelled home on the river bus. Standing on a crowded tube then train or bus was not an option. The river bus did take a bit of time to get us back to Woolwich, however it was a relaxed way to end the day. The sights along the river are beautiful, reminding me of the plentiful history of the river Thames’s moors and banks. I enjoyed it, however my fiancé missed the scenery as he slept off his food coma.

Until next time
Sade xxx

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