Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Assignment season

Hi guys,

So it’s been a while since my last blog. I hope all is well and you have been enjoying the beautiful weather.

Assignment season is still in effect, I will be happy when I have completed my last assignment and successfully submitted it. Only then will I have to find other things to grumble about lol.

Will all the super mums please stand up!

I have been making full use off the library services available at the university. Especially now that the libraries are open 24 hours due to the assignment and exam season. Unfortunately I have spent quite a few nights; long nights L typing, reading, eating, drinking and admittedly sleeping in the Avery Hill Library (don’t judge me lol). Like most, my deadlines have been back to back and the evenings and nights are the best suited times for me to study consistently. I don’t do very well with short blocks of studying interrupted by ‘mum’ callings or stopping to cook dinner. So I reserve evenings and nights for marathon block studying. It is not the ideal times for many, me included especially as it can sometimes leave me tired and irritable the next day (oooohhhh those dreaded early morning school runs)!!! But mums got to do what mums got to do.

On a brighter note the weather has been so nice of recent. The sun shining can do wonders for my mood as well as everyone else’s too. I did make a vital mistake and misjudged the sun shine for warmth and heat resulting in me catching a cold, that then turned into the flu L The symptoms were horrible and I felt awful but some much recouping time was spent with my boys at home watching films in bed and having soup as they too were unwell.

Until next time


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